8 Co-working Spaces in Amsterdam Worth Visiting

Amsterdam, renowned for its picturesque canals, cultural richness, and entrepreneurial spirit, boasts a flourishing co working scene that caters to professionals from all walks of life. Amsterdam, the vibrant capital city of the Netherlands, is a bustling hub of business and culture that awaits every first-time visitor.

Explore the city’s UNESCO-listed canal ring, where picturesque bridges and charming canal-side cafes provide scenic meeting spots for networking or client discussions. Delve into Amsterdam’s renowned cultural scene, with world-class museums like the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum offering inspiring venues for corporate events and team outings. Indulge in the city’s diverse culinary offerings, from traditional Dutch delicacies to innovative Michelin-starred cuisine, perfect for wining and dining clients or colleagues. 

With its convenient transportation links and reputation as a global business hub, Amsterdam provides an ideal setting for forging new partnerships, fostering innovation, and achieving professional success.

From historical landmarks to modern architectural wonders, the city offers a diverse range of co working spaces that combine functionality with inspiration. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most notable co working spaces in Amsterdam, highlighting their unique features and why they’re worth a visit.

Meet Berlage: The Historical, Yet Flexible Workspace

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam between Dam Square and Amsterdam Central Station lies Meet Berlage, a historical yet flexible coworking space housed within the iconic Beurs van Berlage building. 

What sets Meet Berlage apart for us is its ability to seamlessly blend the grandeur of its monumental architecture with modern functionality. We’re captivated by the diverse range of historical rooms, each offering unique capacities for meetings, events, workshops, and individual work. 

Whether you seek a collaborative coworking environment or a private office space, Meet Berlage caters to all needs with a deep understanding of unique requirements and a Dutch touch.

Startup Village: The Innovative Hub

Located within Amsterdam Science Park, Startup Village fosters collaboration and innovation in AI and Quantum technologies. With state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant community, it’s an ideal space for entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of technology. The strategic location within Amsterdam Science Park provides unparalleled access to resources and opportunities, making it a hotspot for startups and tech enthusiasts.

Startup Village provides a range of workspace options, from private offices to flexible desks, meeting spaces to event venues, catering to diverse needs and facilitating collaboration. With its tech and science focus and strategic location, Startup Village provides the ideal setting for young entrepreneurs, startups and teams who want to turn their tech ideas into reality.

Tashure Studio: the design studio

Trashure Studio is a very well designed coworking space in Amsterdam Noord, nestled within a converted steam engine factory. The studio’s minimalist aesthetic and thoughtful design create an inviting atmosphere. Trashure Studio exudes charm and character, making it an ideal workspace for professionals seeking a dynamic yet peaceful environment.

Members of Trashure Studio enjoy a variety of workspace options tailored to their needs, from sun-drenched desks with panoramic views of the IJ river to cozy nooks for focused work sessions. Modern amenities such as high-speed internet, 24/7 access, and a waterfront rooftop terrace ensure comfort and efficiency, whether collaborating with colleagues or working independently. Our personal highlight: Trashure Studio is dog-friendly, promoting a welcoming and inclusive community for all members.

Join Me Flex Office: Flexible & very practical

Join Me Flex Office, located in Amsterdam North, offers fully furnished office spaces equipped with modern amenities. From private offices to meeting rooms, it caters to diverse needs, providing a convenient and comfortable workspace. With flexible membership options and a range of workspace sizes, it’s an ideal choice for freelancers and growing teams.We are fans of the beautiful cast floor, ceilings sprayed with acoustic flakes, blinds, underfloor heating and air treatment with air conditioning.
Get things done in their meeting rooms – they come in different sizes and can be booked per hour. The meeting rooms are available in rooms that are suitable for 8 to 16 people.

Capital C: The Stunner

Capital C, situated at Weesperstraat in the heart of Amsterdam’s city center, is more than just a coworking space; it’s a multifunctional venue for conferences, receptions, and award shows. We were captivated by this glass dome built atop a traditional Amsterdam building.

Formerly the center of Amsterdam’s diamond trade, Capital C has transformed into the city’s new creative epicenter. Here, brands and creatives of all levels are supported and celebrated, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.

Capital C offers two floors of office space tailored to various needs. Whether you’re starting small with just four desks or opting for a spacious 290m2 office, there’s a perfect workspace for you. With options for canal views or bustling Weesperstraat scenes, Capital C provides diverse settings to suit every preference.

The interior of Capital C reflects Dutch design excellence, with twenty designers contributing to the unique aesthetics of event venues and meeting rooms. From the distinctive ticking clocks adorning The Clock Tower to breathtaking city views from the High Light, each space exudes creativity and inspiration. With six designer rooms, an event location for up to 400 guests, live stream studios, and the newly opened Capital Kitchen restaurant, Capital C provides everything needed for memorable events and gatherings.

The venue offers ten meeting rooms accommodating groups of 6 to 120 people, as well as event spaces capable of hosting gatherings ranging from 10 to 300 attendees. Whether you’re seeking a prestigious office or a stunning venue for your next event, Capital C offers an unparalleled experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

 Ruby Luuk: Sustainability and Innovation

Nestled in the picturesque Amstelkwartier lies Ruby Luuk, once the bustling powerhouse of Amsterdam, where the Zuidergasfabriek fueled the city’s energy needs for decades. 

We are fond of Ruby  Luuk’s thought through concept: From utilizing thermal aquifers to store hot water to implementing a smart façade that adapts to environmental conditions for heating and cooling.

Whether you’re in Amsterdam for a day or a month, solo or with a team, Ruby Luuk’s intuitively designed spaces are tailored to accommodate your needs. Simply settle in, connect to the high-speed WiFi, and dive into your work. And when it’s time for a break, indulge in bottomless barista coffee and organic tea available onsite.

Conveniently located near Spaklerweg station, Ruby Luuk is easily accessible, offering after-work drinks or a comfortable bed at the nearby Ruby Emma Hotel & Bar. For those commuting to Amsterdam Centraal, a quick bike ride or tram trip provides effortless access.

EDGE Olympic: The Sustainable Workspace

EDGE Olympic Amsterdam combines sustainability, health, and wellbeing to create an excellent workplace. With its biophilic design and open ecosystem, it fosters connections and community among forward-thinking professionals. Its range of workspaces, meeting rooms, and amenities make it a future-proof environment for professionals with a purpose. We want to highlight this space to you, because of the future-proof concept.

New Day Offices: Efficiency and Convenience

New Day Offices Amsterdam West offers fully serviced office and workspaces in a dynamic location near Schiphol Airport. With flexible meeting room options and personal service from Clubmanagers, it’s an ideal place for professionals to meet and collaborate. Its modern amenities, including the New Day Café, ensure every day is a productive one.

In conclusion, Amsterdam’s coworking scene offers a diverse array of spaces that cater to various needs and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to historical landmarks, innovative hubs, or sustainable work environments, there’s many coworking spaces in Amsterdam worth visiting. So, why not step into one of these inspiring spaces and experience the dynamic energy of Amsterdam’s entrepreneurial spirit firsthand?

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