Got a question?

How to contact us?

You have a problem, questions or comments?

Don't hesitate to write to us directly. We are happy to support. 


You would like support in finding a workplace or need help with a booking?


Don't hesitate to write to us directly. We are happy to support. 



You have great news or want to share an event?

Don't hesitate to write to us directly. We are happy to support. 


You would like to offer your workplace with us?

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We would be happy to invite you to a meeting to get to know us.


I am a booker.

How can I book a room or service?

As soon as you have found a room that you like, you can book or request it using the booking button. We will check your request as quickly as possible and send you a individual offer. As soon as you confirm this offer, you have made a booking for the room. If the room is not available in your desired period, we will of course send you alternatives.

How much is the fee for bookers?

Lemona does not charge a fee to bookers.

I haven't found a space that I like. What options do I have?

You haven't found the right one? No problem, just send us an email. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible and find the right space for you.

How can I cancel a booking?

Simply send us an email with your booking number and we will take care of everything else. However, depending on the provider's cancellation conditions, you may still face costs.

How can I update a booking?

Would you like to add another service to your booking or maybe there are more people than you originally thought? No problem, send us an e-mail with your booking number and we will update your offer if possible.

How can I repeat a booking?

You were satisfied with our service and would like to book the room a second time? No problem. Send us a booking request and we will be happy to book the room for you a second or third time.

How do I receive a cancellation invoice?

How do I receive a cancellation invoice?After you have cancelled a booking by email, you will always receive a cancellation invoice. This will be sent to the email address you used for the booking process. It is important to remember that you may face cancellation costs in this case.

Will I receive an email when a location provider responds to my request or message?

Yes, you should have received an email from us. Please also check your spam folder. If this does not work either, please write to us at so that we can check whether there are any problems.

How do I get access to the exact address and the room?

As soon as your booking is confirmed, you will receive all the necessary information, such as the exact address and access via email.

Is it possible to visit a workplace before making a booking?

Yes, please let us know in your booking request if you would like to visit it in advance. Especially in the case of offices, it is certainly an advantage to visit one or more before booking. We will be happy to then arrange a tour.

I like this workplaces and would like to book it, is it available?

Please submit a specific booking request via our online platform. By clicking on the booking button, a form will open where you can enter all the details, such as date, time, duration and number of people. As soon as the provider receives these details, you will be informed whether the room is available as requested.

Do the workplaces have restrictions?

Please provide us with information about your event when making your booking request so that we can submit it to the provider. We assume that you will behave in an orderly manner in all of our providers' spaces. You will find more detailed information on this in your contract with the provider. Please read these carefully.

What is a cleaning fee and when will it be charged?

The cleaning fee is included in the booking so that you will find the room clean and tidy for your event.

Can I get additional images?

Yes, please send us your preferred space to and we will be happy to send you more images.

Is it possible to book a space for just a few hours?

Please have a look at the description of your preferred workplace, where the provider provides possible booking times. When making a booking request, you can send your preferred time period to the provider using the form.

How can I forward or download booking information?

If your booking is successful, you will receive a booking confirmation, the provider's terms of conditions and your invoice. Here you will find all the relevant data that you can forward or download as a PDF.

How do I contact a provider?

With the booking confirmation you will of course also receive the contact details and your contact person for your venue.

What happens if a room gets damaged during a booking?

This may vary from provider to provider, so please take a look at your contract of use with the provider. In the unlikely event of damage, please discuss with the provider how the damage can be repaired.

When do I receive an invoice for the booking and how can I pay?

You will receive an invoice from the provider by email with the booking confirmation. You can pay this either by bank transfer or on site.

When do I have to pay?

Once you have made a booking, you will receive an invoice from the provider for the total costs and the period in which the invoice is to be paid. You can either pay the invoice by bank transfer or on site.

I am a workplace provider.

How can I offer my workplace through the online platform?

We are pleased that we have aroused your interest. Please send us an email to and we'll arrange a meeting, quickly.

How can I register?

You can start your registration here. Enter all your details and click on 'Create account'.

Where can I login?

You can login at any time here.

How does the booking process works?

The user submits a booking request to us via the online platform for the use of a flexible workspace and/or additional services for a specific period.

We forward the booking request to you. You check the booking request and capacities and give us feedback in which you "confirm" or "reject" the booking request. Please create an offer for the booking request and possible services requested and send this together with the confirmation. In order to provide the best possible customer service, please respond to the booking request within a maximum of 24 hours. Please note: In order to give our customer a little time to think, the offer is valid for 5 days. After the 5 days it is no longer valid. We will forward all documents to the user.

As soon as the user finally confirms the booking, we will send you the user's contact details. With this booking confirmation, you automatically agree to Lemona's brokering and a commission is due.

You formulate your contract of use or rental agreement and an invoice based on the offer with the user's contact details in "PDF" file format and send these to Lemona. Lemona will send the files including the booking confirmation to the user.

With this transmission of the booking confirmation and the necessary files, a binding contract is concluded between the user and the provider; no additional signatures are required.

The payment is processed between the provider and the user directly via bank transfer or at the location. Lemona is not liable to the provider for service disruptions of the user.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my account or functions?

It is important to us that we support you with our platform. If you have any issues, questions or feedback, please send us an email: or write to your direct contact person, who you will find in your welcome email. If it is very urgent, please add "Urgent" in your subject line.

How can I add a location or room?

Once you have successfully registered, you can simply add locations and your spaces, such as meeting rooms, desks, etc., to your profile.

How can I update a location or space?

To do this, go to your account, select the room or location where you want to add information and simply follow the instructions.

What is considered as a 'space'?

Complete and self-contained rooms as well as flexible work locations such as individual desks, meeting rooms, workshop rooms, event rooms, venues such as seminar hotels, etc.

What do I have to consider as a provider?

Users can access our platform free of charge and view the offers that are relevant to them. As a provider, you undertake to provide complete and truthful information. You are solely responsible to the user for any deviations. This also applies to changes in prices.

How can I deactivate a space or location?

To deactivate one or all of your locations and spaces, please contact our team.

Don't forget to send us the email address you registered with, otherwise our team won't be able to deal with your request. If you would like your user account to be deactivated as well, please let us know.

How does direct booking work?

We are still working on implementing this function. From 2024, we will provide a room booking system in our online platform or a possible link to your existing room booking system, in which the entire booking process between the provider and the user will be handled and simplified via the online platform. We will inform you as soon as direct bookings are possible.

What will it cost me to be part of Lemona?

Registration is free and publishing your locations and spaces is also free of charge for an unlimited period. As soon as a successful booking confirmation is received, the agency commission for the entire booking period is 10% of the net usage fee for rooms and 16% of the net usage fee for flexible workspaces.
The price stated in your description on the online platform must include the agency commission. The agency commission is subject to the applicable statutory value added tax.

How does payment work after a successful booking?

The user pays you directly and we provide you with a monthly invoice for all referral transactions in the relevant period, taking into account the commission for the entire period of use agreed between the provider and the user.

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