7 Exceptional Workplaces With Industrial Design In Berlin

Berlin, a hotspot for creativity and innovation, offers plenty of workplace opportunities. These 7 workplaces are perfect for modern companies, start-ups, teams and individual employees who loves the industrial design and atmosphere.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about industrial design offices is exposed pipes, brick walls, and the urban flair of the city. This is not only visually appealing but also offers numerous advantages for the work environment. With open floor plans and a focus on light and space, employees often feel motivated and inspired. It’s a place where one enjoys spending time and developing new creative ideas.

Especially in Berlin, you can find quite a few beautiful former factories that have been transformed into modern workplaces. Both large and small companies, departments, teams, or individual employees can benefit from this, as they can flexibly rent and easily adapt their workspace to their needs. There are many different options, from private offices to coworking spaces and conference rooms.

Another attractive option that many offices offer is a diverse community of creatives and innovators. It’s a great opportunity to build a network and benefit from the experiences and ideas of others.

Smartspaces®, Berlin Spandau

Smartspaces® is an innovator in the field of large-scale coworking spaces, aiming to connect established entrepreneurs and businesswomen, fostering collaboration and community formation. These unique and creative work environments, located in a former ammunition factory, create an inspiring atmosphere, enabling members to collaborate efficiently and productively. Additionally, Smartspaces® organizes regular events that facilitate discussions on current business ideas and trends.

The overarching goal of Smartspaces® is to create an ecosystem where businesses can succeed not through competition but by collaboration and teamwork. This approach promotes intelligent growth and flexibility.

Smartspaces® provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to use the coworking concept as a tool to enhance success in their businesses and achieve their goals. With Smartspaces®, a platform is available that transforms the business landscape and encourages positive changes.

Here you can find more details about equipment and booking: Smartspaces®

MITOSIS LAB, Berlin Neukölln

Discover the ideal venue for your corporate meetings and events in Berlin at Mitosis LAB. Located in a former soap factory in Neukölln, the six large and flexible spaces span five floors, with two more coming soon. Boasting over 1000m² of event space in a quiet courtyard with a private garden, Mitosis LAB provides a unique setting for conferences, workshops, presentations, and corporate meetings. Our historic industrial building, meticulously renovated, seamlessly blends modern style with its original charm. Each LAB can be booked individually or combined, offering diverse setups, technical equipment, catering, and service staff. Experience a one-of-a-kind venue with personalized service and unique interior design.

Here you can find more details about equipment and booking: MITOSIS LAB

BETAHAUS, Berlin Kreuzberg

Betahaus is one of the first coworking spaces. Its mission is to provide an inspiring workplace where members not only work productively but also have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses. It’s more than just coworking; it’s a place where relationships are built, and collaborations are forged for professional and personal growth. Whether you’re seeking a workspace or a vibrant community for networking and collaboration, Betahaus in Kreuzberg offers the perfect environment. This space serves not only as headquarters but also as a lively center where ideas flourish, fostering innovation and supporting members in achieving their goals.

Techspace Eiswerk, Berlin Mitte

Techspace Eiswerk, an industrial marvel on Köpenicker Straße near Ostbahnhof, graces the River Spree with its historic charm. Erected in the late 19th century as one of Europe’s pioneering ice cooling houses, it mirrors Berlin’s prosperous industrial era. Now, this architectural gem has been reborn into a vibrant workspace for growing tech teams. With seven floors featuring a members-only cafe and on-demand meeting rooms for both members and guests, Eiswerk seamlessly blends functionality with character. Its inspiring design attracts some of Berlin’s most dynamic tech enterprises, making it a hub where history meets innovation, providing an unparalleled workspace experience.

M40 Workspace, Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

The meeting rooms feature a spacious and bright atmosphere, characterized by modern furnishings, high ceilings, and distinctive industrial windows. An open layout encourages collaboration, allowing participants to move freely and utilize various areas for group or individual work. Contemporary decor with clean lines and functional furniture, including ergonomic chairs, creates a professional and inspiring ambiance. These meeting spaces provide an ideal setting for productive discussions and creative ideation. The combination of brightness, modern design, and functional furniture establishes an environment where teams can collaborate efficiently. The generous layout promotes the exchange of thoughts and ideas, while the professional setup offers a pleasant working atmosphere, creating optimal conditions for successful meetings and collaborative projects. 

Village Berlin Workshop Space, Berlin Mitte-Tiergarten

This workspace is a place that inspires creativity and productivity. With its open layout, inviting wooden floors, and large windows that flood the space with ample natural light, it creates an environment where ideas flourish, and work can be efficiently accomplished. The selection of timeless furniture gives the room a blend of elegance and functionality. Every design element has been thoughtfully chosen to create a stylish environment that perfectly meets the needs of the users. Welcome to a workspace that masterfully embodies the balance between aesthetic appeal and performance. In this environment, people can unleash their creativity while working efficiently and focused. This workspace provides the ideal backdrop for successful projects and fulfilling workdays.

Studio Location, Berlin Köpenick

At this location, focused teamwork takes center stage. The workplaces are minimalist and free from distractions to enable creative thinking and problem-solving. Generous windows, bright walls, and simple interior design create an inspiring environment. Here, teams have the opportunity to enhance productivity and unfold creative ideas in a light-filled workspace. The clear and tidy layout supports concentration, allowing team members to focus on their tasks. The bright atmosphere contributes to creating a positive work environment where ideas thrive, and innovative solutions emerge. This place is perfect for teams seeking an environment tailored to creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving, enhancing productivity in an aesthetically inspiring setting.

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