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Curated workplaces for modern businesses.

We are the first platform that provides businesses with carefully selected workplaces and acts as a partner in their transition to flexible work environments.

In the past, company structures and workplaces were often viewed as static rather than flexible. However, working environments are evolving rapidly today, driven by globalization, digitalization, and evolving employee expectations. As a result, many companies are in transition to more dynamic and flexible work environments.

That’s why we’ve created a platform that simplifies the process for companies to discover diverse flexible workplace options in Europe, tailored to their specific needs and preferences, with a strong emphasis on concept, design, and quality.

We also assist both growing start-ups and established companies in their journey toward adopting hybrid, innovative, and modern working environments. To us, taking a comprehensive perspective is the key to turning holistic concepts from vision into reality.

Why Lemona?

Our aim is to offer you not just conventional solutions, but a comprehensive and future-oriented solution that will strengthen your company for a successful future.

With our selected workplaces and consulting service, you’ll not just attract exceptional talents, cut your costs, and and gain more time for your core business, but also elevate:

Your modernity and innovation.

Your sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Your flexibility and dynamism.

Your health and satisfaction.

Our Mission.

Guide you into innovative and dynamic work environments for healthy, rapid growth and long-term employee satisfaction.

Are you ready for a new way of working?

From cultural shifts to relocations, our workplaces and services empower your success. 

What others say.

Harald Schlarb, HSI Consultant

Collaborating with Darja and the team is inspiring, reliable and opens up new ways and opportunities. Absolutely recommended.

Erika Mustermann

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