Discover the Top 7 Coworking Spaces in Munich for Business Professionals

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is a key business hub in Germany known for its strong economy and vibrant cultural scene. The city is home to major multinational corporations, including BMW, Siemens, and Allianz, making it a significant center for industries such as automotive, engineering, and finance. Munich is well-connected globally through the Munich International Airport, one of Europe’s busiest, and locally by an efficient public transport system that includes U-Bahn, S-Bahn, trams, and buses. Business travelers can enjoy a range of high-end accommodations, fine dining options, and cultural attractions such as museums, historic sites, and the famous English Garden. The city also hosts numerous international trade fairs and conferences at the Messe München, providing ample opportunities for networking and business development. Munich’s blend of modern infrastructure and rich traditions makes it an appealing destination for business visitors seeking both professional growth and cultural experiences.

Werk1: For startups

Located in the heart of Werksviertel-Mitte at Ostbahnhof, the WERK1 building has an impressive history. Once a potato and later a cult factory, it is now home to digital startups.

At this most startup-friendly location, you will find not only two different coworking areas but also a close connection to the startup ecosystem and the WERK1 Café. With an ideal location in Werksviertel and excellent public transport connections, WERK1 offers 24/7 access to its facilities.

WERK1 offers a dynamic environment with flexible office spaces, an active community, and numerous networking events. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and provides access to mentorship programs, workshops, and funding opportunities. The community of over 250 startups and alumni benefits from numerous events and workshops, including the popular Fuck-Up Nights and an extensive pool of experts. Additionally, members can enjoy discounts at the in-house café.

Why we love it:  The startup-centric focus and supportive community make WERK1 a standout option for budding entrepreneurs looking to scale their ventures.

MATES: For creatives

Founded by Eva Lichner in 2021, MATES was created with the mission to offer an agency-feel space without the downsides of agency life. With locations in Maxvorstadt and Lehel, MATES provides stylish, modern interiors and flexible solutions tailored for creative freelancers and businesses.

Beyond offering desks, MATES serves as a hub for the creative community to meet, collaborate, and co-work. The space includes three event rooms accommodating 15 to 50 people, perfect for team offsites, workshops, and PR launches, along with nine diverse meeting rooms equipped with presentation tools and optional catering services.

We love MATES for its cool design, dedicated focus on creatives, and seamless event planning capabilities, making it an exceptional choice for those in the creative industry.

MANA: The sustainable sanctuary

Founded in 2018 by Micha, Mana Coworking aims to create a creative workspace for like-minded individuals who prioritize sustainability. Named after the South Pacific concept of a supernatural force, Mana embodies the ethos of achieving extraordinary things.

Located in central Munich, Mana features high ceilings, bright rooms, second-hand furniture, and eco-friendly materials, creating a cozy yet focused environment. The office includes ample space for various work styles, one meeting room, and a design that balances comfort with functionality. We love Mana for its strong sustainability efforts, retro-minimalistic design, and vibrant community vibes.

Smartvillage: The Event & Workshop specialists

Smartvillage is aptly named, as it operates like a small village with two locations in Schwanthalerhöhe and Bogenhausen, encompassing 17 event spaces and 8 workshop rooms. Since its inception in 2018, Smartvillage has been revolutionizing meetings and events, specializing in creating engaging, non-boring experiences. Smartvillage’s expertise in event and workshop management is unparalleled, offering creatively designed rooms of various sizes to accommodate different needs. T

At Lemona, we are big fans of Smartvillage because of their innovative approach to meetings and events, their sustainable practices, and the flexibility of their creatively designed spaces. Whether you need a large event venue or a small workshop room, Smartvillage provides a dynamic and inspiring environment for all types of gatherings.

Munich Urban Colab: The Urban Innovator

Munich. Collab Space from the Outside
Photos from Munich Urban Colab

Munich Urban Colab, a collaborative venture between UnternehmerTUM and the City of Munich, is dedicated to urban innovation and sustainability.

This state-of-the-art coworking space offers advanced labs and prototyping facilities, providing a fertile ground for startups and researchers focused on urban solutions. It features a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, access to a network of experts, and specialized resources that facilitate the development of groundbreaking urban projects.

At Lemona, we appreciate Munich Urban Colab for its commitment to urban innovation, cutting-edge facilities, and collaborative environment, making it an ideal space for those aiming to transform city living.

The BYRO: The elegant one

The BYRO offers a premium coworking experience with a focus on elegance and professionalism. Situated in a prime location, The BYRO features 2,000 square meters of modern interiors, including private offices, coworking desks, and meeting rooms. It provides high-end amenities like concierge services, advanced office equipment, and beautifully designed common areas. The sophisticated design and professional atmosphere make it a prestigious workspace for established businesses.

We admire The BYRO for its luxurious facilities, professional setting, and the additional services that enhance productivity and comfort.

Velvet space: The cozy community

Velvet Space, located in the lively Glockenbachviertel, offers a warm and inviting coworking environment that fosters a close-knit community.

Velvet Space provides 700 square meters of flexible workspace options, including hot desks, private offices, and meeting rooms. Known for its cozy, homely atmosphere, it hosts regular social events and workshops that encourage community building and collaboration. The focus on personal connections and the variety of events makes it a preferred choice for freelancers and small teams.

We love Velvet Space for its welcoming ambiance, strong sense of community, and the engaging events that bring members together.

Munich’s coworking spaces offer very tailored environments and unique features to cater to various professional needs, there’s a perfect coworking space for everyone. These spaces not only provide flexible office solutions but also foster dynamic communities that encourage networking, collaboration, and professional growth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or part of a corporate team, Munich’s coworking spaces offer the ideal environment to thrive and succeed.

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